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Our Story

Man and woman atop Chickadee Ridge, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, California

Lake Tahoe, Nevada Side

This story begins with two environmental engineers and one mischievous husky, Lola. Once our forces combined, one hike was all it took and we have been inseparable ever since. We live to travel and with each wilderness area explored together, we became more and more inspired to share these experiences with others. Thus, Picturesque Fine Art was born!


Andrea (blogger) grew up in Reno, Nevada at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range hiking and mountain biking its trails, swimming in Tahoe, rafting down the Truckee River, rock climbing the cliffs surrounding Donner Lake, exploring Yosemite National Park to the south, soaking in the area’s natural hot springs, and skiing/snowboarding its mountain peaks.


Charles (landscape photographer) grew up in Spokane, Washington and spent several years in the Pacific Northwest exploring the North Cascades National Park and the beautiful rocky coastlines of Washington and Oregon. With a love and passion for adventure and fishing, many adventures revolved around backpacking into remote lakes and streams with a pack full of fishing gear. Today that pack has greatly increased in size with the addition of photography gear.


Andrea's writing and Charles’s photography draw their inspiration from our experiences within nature. It lies at the core of our mission to bring all of these wonderful inspirations to you, whether found within a striking image, or through getting lost in a compelling story crafted from one of our travels. We continue to find that the path less traveled provides the most opportunity to experience the beauty of the world in a whole new light and aim to move others to do the same.


We are more than just another seller of fine art and lifestyle blogger. It is our belief that art and storytelling is a way to reach people, touch people, and move people to get as excited about exploring this world as we are. Thank you so much for taking the time to support us in this exciting new adventure by checking out Picturesque Fine Art!

Man and woman embrace atop peak with Mount Hood in background in Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon

Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon

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